Jabiz Raisdana Jabiz Raisdana
The Reimagine Strand
Pana Asavavatana Pana Asavavatana
Bring Kindergarten Back: 21st Century Literacies, 5-year-old Style!
Victor Boulanger Victor Boulanger
Redesign the Learning Experience
Rebecca Jardin Rebecca Jardin
Motivate, Manipulate & Mash: Reimagine your classroom with visual learning.
Adam Clark Adam Clark
Increasing the Wisdom in Education
Gitanjali Paul Gitanjali Paul
Student leadership for Student Learning
Ringo Dingrando Ringo Dingrando
Robot in a Box
Alfredo Papaseit Alfredo Papaseit
Re-Making Learning: Coding and Physical Computing for younger students
Dan Slaughter Dan Slaughter
Let students decide the pace
Madeleine Brookes Madeleine Brookes
Connectivism - A New Theory of Learning for the Digital Age
Tricia Friedman Tricia Friedman
Creative Agency in the Connected Classroom
Tosca Killoran Tosca Killoran
ReBrand Teaching: Own Your Story
John Rinker John Rinker
Thinking with Our Hands: Building a Design Thinking Culture
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