Dan Slaughter

Dan Slaughter

Let students decide the pace


Teaching is not about knowing six months in advance when a lesson will be covered and driving students down a direct path to meet that timeline. What if we instead can make our lessons more like a maze in order to individualize the learning experience. The teacher still controls the potential route and can force students to take certain paths. A path of content, objectives, benchmarks etc. Some students will go faster while others may be learning completely different topics. Teachers don’t need to be the center of attention but instead can act as coaches. Coaches aren’t silent but instead are giving constant feedback with a goal in mind.

In this sessions we will investigate how as educators we can redesign our learning experiences so that students can learn at their preferred pace yet still meet the needs of standards and the syllabus. Responsibility will be shifted to the students but the teacher must give regular feedback loops. This requires the use of quantitative and qualitative data in order to give purposeful feedback.


  • Understand the difference between “personalized” and “individualized” learning
  • Evaluate how empowering students to work at their own pace can fit in the DP and AP programs.
  • Be exposed to a variety of formative assessment tools in order to give regular feedback


Middle School and High School Teachers


Dan teaches IB Economics, IB Business Management, and MYP Individual and Societies at Hanoi International School. He is an IB Examiner, a COETAIL graduate and cofounder of the Global Codeathon. He is married to Mindy Slaughter, an awesome Grade 4 teacher who loves making and coding.


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