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The Reimagine Strand


Members coming to the Reimagine Strand this year may feel that they have seen it all. Been there done that!

Participants attending this strand, have experienced the highs and lows of the Edtech world for over a decade or more. As excited early adopters you may have felt the rush of small advances; as seasoned veterans you have surely fallen victim to the cynicism of the frustrated lone wolf.

One thing that is certain is that you want change. You want to work with learners in ways that are exciting, engaging and innovative.

But in 2016, in the age of ubiquitous technology what does the word innovative even mean? How are you as a teacher taking stock of your work and honing your craft? How effective can you be as an agent of change in a school oriented by established curriculum? Where have we come from? What has worked? What do we do next?  

This strand does not and cannot not answer any of these questions. We all know that these are the hard questions we have been asking since the birth of 21st century skills became the buzzword years ago.

What we do know however, is that we have a gang of passionate educators in the region, who year after year join this conference looking for something new, looking to reimagine even their own practice. We do know that if we put us all in a room for a few hours, we can re-kindle our community, inspire each other, create plans that lead to new thinking and if nothing else for ourselves to re-orient ourselves as we head into the future of learning.

Are you curious as to what comes next? Come help us define this direction. See you at the Reimagine Strand!

Please note: the Reimagine Strand will take place over both extended sessions. This means that you will work with your group on Friday and Saturday, as well as during cohort time. This gives you maximum time to work with your team to develop something amazing!

Possible Outcomes

Although we don’t know exactly how this strand will work, we know that:

  • It’s going to be very personalized learning for the participants.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to work in teams to develop something that you want to implement over the next school year.
  • Over the course of the conference, teams will pitch their ideas to other groups (including students), which will lead to one “winning” team at the end of the conference.
  • The “winning” team will be awarded a grant to implement their idea, and then come back the following year and share the outcome with the whole L2 community.

Some of the special elements that we’re really excited about are:

  • Participants in this strand will create their own groups. We will have an introductory session on the first night of the conference (after the opening plenary) where all L2 Reimagine participants get to meet each other and create their own groups.
  • We’re going to have student reverse mentors as part of the Reimagine strand. We’re hoping to have about 25 students with us, but we don’t know for sure yet. Student mentors will provide feedback for all teams in all different formats – small group, panel discussions, and individual advisors.
  • We’ll use the Design Thinking process to help you develop your project ideas.
Intended Audience

We are looking for around 50 people who:

  • prefer learning in an inquiry-based, unstructured environment
  • are comfortable with the unknown and enjoy working in teams
  • are happiest when learning is messy
  • can get things done under pressure, including developing an idea and pitching in front of an audience
  • are often the “early adopters”, the “lone nut” or the innovators at their school
About Jabiz

Jabiz Raisdana currently teaches middle school kids to love words. As an English teacher at UWSCEA he works tirelessly to help students find deeper meaning in their lives as they embark on the journey to find their own voices.

He has worked throughout the region as a teacher and Digital Literacy Coach. Always pushing the envelope, he fluctuates between uncontrollable excitement and deflated cynicism. Regardless of where he may currently be on his emotional roller coaster, Jabiz loves learning and working toward authentic learning experiences for everyone he works with.

Jabiz is an experienced workshop leader whose honest and down-to-earth style make him approachable and relatable. He might not always have answers, but he will surely leave you thinking and questioning.

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