Rebecca Jardin

Motivate, Manipulate & Mash: Reimagine your classroom with visual learning.


Think outside the box! Help learners apply, retain and share knowledge with visual thinking strategies on the iPad. Visual learning is a style of learning where information is organized, analyzed and retained with the use of images. This learning style helps students better understand, interpret and apply information. It is a quick and easy way for teachers to gain an understanding of student progress, not to mention, makes your classes hands-on, fun, and differentiated. By having students demonstrate their thinking visually with iPads (and laptops) it opens up possibilities of connecting, sharing and receiving authentic feedback. Task sheets, inspirational presentations, and videos capturing your students at work could be created for your own blogs and professional sharing sites in a matter of minutes.  

This is a hands on workshop where participants will explore a variety of iPad apps. These could be instantly applied to their classrooms to enable their students to generate creative: posters, books, research, reflections and presentations. Participants will learn photography techniques, understand the importance of creativity and visual thinking and create a digital collage using photo manipulation tools and layers. The collage will then be inserted into a variety of creative tools which can be used for reflection, research or unique presentations. Most activities will be supported with laptop alternatives and many student samples will be provided. Apps will be shared before the session; however iPads will also be available during the session.

Possible Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Understand the benefits of creativity in their classrooms.
  • Explore a variety of ways to incorporate visual learning into their classes.
  • Develop an understanding of “app mashing” and visual literacy by combining photography and text.
  • Learn from tangible classroom examples and brainstorm how to apply these ideas.
  • Create and share unique posters, blogs and creative reflections with a wider audience.
Intended Audience

Aimed at K-12 teachers but all welcome. No prior experience needed. Please bring an iPad and a laptop. If you don’t have an iPad one will be provided.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Jardin is the MS art teacher at Saigon South International School. Over the past 19 years Rebecca has taught visual art to all grade levels in Australia, the UK, UAE, China, Ghana and now Vietnam. She has presented on the creative uses of iPads at the Vietnam Tech Conference and EARCOS. Also, she documents her educational journey regularly on her blog: Rebecca is a current COETAILer and Google Certified Educator who has a passion for combining paint with pixels and app mashing.

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