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A great way to introduce robotics into your classroom or school is through an Arduino kit. These kits are affordable and contain enough parts to allow kids to learn boat-loads about circuitry and programming. If you were to get a stack of these kits, you could unleash robotic awesomeness before your students even knew what hit them.

Ringo will show you what to do with these kits that can inspire student creativity and enthusiasm. The kits have great components and instructions, but it often takes a special twist of robo-shepherding to get things rocking. Ringo is excited to teach you how to move beyond just blinking lights and chirping speakers, and fast forward into programmable robots with dynamic personalities.

Please note, when registering for this session, please be sure to purchase the Robot in a Box kit during checkout. This will ensure that you have all the components you need to create an amazing robot during the conference!

Purchase your kit during the registration process!

Purchase your kit during the registration process!

Possible Outcomes

Participants will take home…

  • A complete Arduino Kit
  • A functioning robot built from your kit.

Participants will learn how to……

  • program in the Arduino IDE software
  • connect circuits on a breadboard and microcontroller
  • modify standard kit instructions into more exciting projects
Intended Audience

Middle School and High School Teachers

About Ringo

Ringo has helped build the robotics program at International School Manila from the ground up.  After many years of teaching physics, he began teaching robotics at ISM four years ago.   Ringo has since worked to create a program in which creativity and innovation are expected.  He loves teaching people who are new to electronics or programming, and he hopes that more schools will get on board with robotics by providing students with the tools, hardware, and skills they need to build amazing things.

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