Tosca Killoran

ReBrand Teaching: Own Your Story


Are you tired of being a meme? Does the image of a teacher: at a blackboard, lecturing in front of students, frustrate you? Does the negative press pumped out on mass media that fuels anti-school and teacher sentiment irk you? I have good news, the power to take back that meme is in your hands. You have the ability to flip the script, and own the story. Not just to tell it, but use the power, purpose and potential of branding to shift the power in education.

Just as our people are ‘branded’ on products with swooshes and stripes, with colors and fonts, education is becoming increasingly branded. From large corporate sponsors funding public school resources, to the brand identity of international schools, we can not escape the tide of corporate control over our visual and mental space. As individual teachers, we are automatically lumped into the brands of our schools, but does that tell our story as unique, passionate experts? What are we modeling for our students? Are we teaching kids to be compliant and buy in to the corporate brand, or to own their story? Jobs in ten years will require students to possess the ability to flow through roles and market themselves, not under a brand, but as a brand. As teachers, we must model that changing paradigm and the positive digital footprint that will come with developing a strong individual brand identity.

Branding is not a dirty word delineated to the dark cruelty of marketing and advertising, it’s a critical skill for both teachers and students in the 21st Century. How will you tell your story?

Possible Outcomes

Participants will leave this session with a solid understanding of how branding and ReBranding relates to the learners in their communities. This session will enable teachers to help students create a positive digital footprint by modelling the development of their own brand identity.

In doing so, participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of the following experiences:

Rebrand Yourself

  • contribute to a collective #ReBrandTeaching Magazine. Please bring a small prop of something that represents you outside of ‘teaching’. We will take photos in order to see teachers as more than their role in schools
  • create a personally branded website using Weebly, Wix or website creation tool of their choice
  • create a personal brand or ReBrand on social media

Understanding Branding in the Classroom

  • strategize how to bring a deeper understanding of the purpose of branding into the classroom
  • develop activities for students to understand branding – and how advertising and branding is impacting their daily lives
  • explore current examples of kids who have successfully branded themselves – explore how they tell their story
Intended Audience

All teachers and administrators.

About Tosca

Tosca Killoran has been teaching in the IB international community in Asia and Europe since 2000. Tosca acts as an EDTech consultant to international schools as well as a presenter and keynote speaker at conferences and professional development sessions. As a doctoral student, Tosca’s published research focuses on innovation in education. She co-founded ED-ucation Publishing, founded TEDxYouth@BIS, and TEDxYouth@NIST in order to give a voice to #youthchangemakers. She is an Amazon bestseller author of children’s books, a website designer and app creative director. Her passion is character education, connected communities and providing opportunities for learners to grow.

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