Tricia Friedman

Creative Agency in the Connected Classroom


In no other era of education have schools had the opportunity to do more than they can do right now. Do students in our classes know and understand how much power and influence they can have within their community? As often as possible, schools need to prompt students (and teachers) to remember and consider this phrase: you are needed.

What happens when we reimagine learning to be the catalyst for real-time change?
Can students curate digital poetry to connect across continents?
Can entire schools collaborate on music videos from oceans apart?
Can classes debate, and bring awareness to global concerns by co-authoring podcasts?
How could global design showcases finance Kiva loans?
Can you and your students use your blogs to benefit of others?
Do your students have access to authentic clients who will put their creativity to good use?

The session will be highly collaborative, and will ask you to engage in creative work for a cause. By the end, you have built a bridge which extends from your context outwards. We hope you’ll be sure to invite other L2 participants to cross that bridge too.

  • Rethink what student leadership could look like in your context
  • Develop/utilize social media as a platform for change
  • Add to your toolbox of creative tools
  • Refamiliarize yourself with the ‘student perspective’ on collaborative activities
  • Examine a number of existing models to remix, recycle, or repurpose
  • Workshop visual note taking as well as at least one of the following:
  • Workshop podcast creation
  • Workshop GarageBand
  • Workshop iMovie
  • Workshop an array of free design tools
Learning2 Leader Bio

Tricia has taught in the US, China, Thailand, Ukraine, Indonesia, Switzerland, and is currently based in Singapore.  She’s a former Peace Corps volunteer where she spent two years in Morocco.  Tricia is an Apple Distinguished Educator, and a member of the ADE board for the European region.

Tricia is widly passionate about podcasts, and is hopeful that Serial season three will redeem season two. #weshallsee

She looks forward to being on this Learning 2 journey with you. Tricia’s workshops appeal to those willing to bring an open-mind to possibilities, and share their strengths with the cohort.

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