Victor Boulanger

Redesign the Learning Experience


Inspire yourself from the principles of design to reinvent the learning experience you create to engage your students. Approach your environment through a designer’s perspective to discover new empathetic insights. Jumpstart your creativity in this 3-part hands-on session that will reframe the way you think about spaces, information, and assignments:

  • Visualize the learning space that you define for your students.
  • Evaluate how you and your students share information.
  • Collaborate to create unique assignments you can bring back to your classroom.
Possible Outcomes

With this session, you will learn how to:

  • Practice and value the principles of design in education
  • Build confidence in your ability to be creative
  • Empathize with your students and step into their unique experience
  • Design visual communications to facilitate user’s task and emphasize important information
  • Collaborate to create multi-layered assignments
Intended Audience

Teachers across all grade levels

About Victor

Victor’s professional vision is to offer simple and elegant technology solutions to educators and students.

Victor is an Information Technology lawyer (LL.M) whose passion for technology led him into education. In his role as Director of Technology in K-12 schools, Victor Boulanger has taken part in the deployment of one-to-one programs, construction projects and school accreditations. Amongst the public presentations he has given on technology in education, Victor presented for UNESCO, Google, and EARCOS.

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