Brian C. Smith

Learning in the Making

Immerse yourself in a session of “hard fun” as you play tinkerer, design, and invent using modern learning technologies. During this project-based session you will be creating interactive toys, games, stories, music or art using maker-centered technologies, including the MaKey MaKey, Hummingbird robotics kit, 3D printing technology and more. Additionally, by combining constructed projects with programming your learning becomes interactive and alive. Using design process you’ll learn to think iteratively, computationally, and how learners construct knowledge and understanding of interdisciplinary concepts. Time will be provided for the sharing of current school experiences and an ongoing journey of situated and time-tested learning theory within real school settings. Leave the workshop with a deeper appreciation of inquiry through hands-on learning, a new understanding of play, wonder and whimsy as sophisticated ways of learning, and a refreshed vision of modern educational technology.

If you are signed up for this preconference, be sure to download the necessary software prior to the session!

Possible Outcomes
  • Understanding how the trending maker movement to time-tested constructionist learning theory
  • Experiencing 21st century teacher as 21st century learner
  • Connecting STEM through play, tinkering and making
  • Learning through iterative design
  • Planting seeds for problem/project-based learning
  • Identify with computers as materials and objects to think with
  • Programming for interactivity
  • Starting Makerspaces and familiarity with tools & materials of modern learning
  • Combining Informal and formal learning experiences
  • Making strong connections to standards in all content areas
About Brian

Brian C. Smith, M.Ed in Math, Science & Technology, is Computer Science teacher at Hong Kong International School. Brian is also on faculty at the Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute, a hands-on, minds-on teacher institute, he is a certified Google Education Trainer and former Board Director for NYSCATE. He has presented at ASCD, NSTA, NYSCATE, Learning 2.0 and EARCOS.  His work is highlighted in the book Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering and Engineering in the Classroom.  

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