David Lee

The ACT Project: Integrating Makerspaces, Design Thinking, PBL, and STEAM

The problem we face in education today is the artificial learning that takes place in many schools; learning that is fundamentally different from the successful learning that occurs in the real world. Current school structures and systems prevent meaningful organic learning from transpiring; learning that will prepare students for challenges they will face in their future professions, personal lives, and civic duties. How can schools effectively incorporate innovative approaches like design thinking, project-based learning, STEAM and makerspace concepts to help students achieve desired outcomes?


One solution to this problem of artificial learning is The ACT Project, a holistic design system of domains and design principles focused around simulating and directly utilizing the behaviors, strategies, and practices found in successful learning environments. This approach enables both teachers and students to become risk-takers and innovators in the classroom; bringing a refreshingly different experience in the way students learn rigorous, high-level skills and concepts.


In this workshop attendees will:

  • Learn about the domains and design principles of the ACT Project framework
  • Experience hands-on learning activities where knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines are applied through innovative practices to solve meaningful and real world problems
  • Collaborate and design their own learning activities using the ACT design principles
  • Learn how the ACT Project design system incorporates design thinking, project-based learning, STEAM, and makerspace concepts into the a school
About David

David Lee is the Elementary STEM Coordinator at Korea International School in South Korea. His essential duties are to develop and implement STEM curriculum, provide support and training for teachers in STEM instruction and curriculum, and work alongside the administration and the teaching staff to cultivate students’ initiative and competence in transdisciplinary STEM areas.

David was previously an Educational Technology Specialist and an ICT educator. His enthusiasm and passion for technology in education compelled him to present eleven professional development sessions in six different conferences since 2012. David is also a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Google Certified Innovator, and a Wix Certified Trainer. He has a master’s degree in educational technology with his research focusing on a 1:1 program implementation model that incorporated essential 21st-century student outcomes and support systems.

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