Katy Jean Vance

Developing a “Libratory” Mindset: The Constant Evolution of Our Programs

School libraries are at an exciting time in the evolution of education. While our main purpose has arguably remained the same – facilitating students’ access to information, strengthening our school communities, defending freedom of information, helping students to ethically create new knowledge – the way we execute our purpose has changed rapidly and will continue to do so. It is no longer sufficient to do a major renovation once every decade or so. Our libraries need to be in a state of constant flexible, experimentation in order to meet the learning needs of our communities as the world continues to change rapidly.

This preconference will be a combination of discussion, sharing, and planning for our own programs. We will focus on three threads:

  • Library as Space – How are our physical and virtual spaces supporting the ever changing learning needs of our communities?
  • Library for Creation – Makerspaces, Student Publishing, Digital Creation, Creative Writing, Making Music, Robotics, Performance: the possibilities are endless. How do our libraries support students as creators?
  • Libraries for communities – Libraries strive to be the core of our communities. How are we helping to shape and define our school communities?

We will start the latest in school libraries and our biggest dreams, then discuss these ideas through the lens of our realities through the threads, and finally return to our programs to create action plans for life after Learning2.

Possible Outcomes

Participants will

  • understand the latest trends and research in school libraries
  • share their areas of expertise and interest with the group
  • discuss the possibilities for libraries as spaces, libraries for creation and libraries for communities
  • develop/extend their network of awesome educators
  • create an action plan for their library’s future
About Katy

Katy Jean Vance is a school librarian at Yokohama International School.

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