Mindy Slaughter

Bring Coding into Your Elementary Classroom

There is significant momentum in education today to teach coding.  As with anything that we add into the curriculum we are faced with questions of:

  • How does this enhance learning?
  • Does it fit into my school’s standards?  
  • How do I get started?

This session will focus on these questions. The session will be geared towards participants with varied levels of coding ability (beginners are welcome) who work with kids from K-6. Participants will learn how to get started teaching coding to elementary kids and how to use it to enhance what is already being taught. Participants will look at the benefits of teaching coding to elementary kids. There will be unplugged learning activities to introduce coding concepts as well as hands on learning opportunities to work with Scratch, Scratch Jr and Beebots. By the end of the session you will have enough knowledge of coding to begin integrating it into your teaching, opening creative doors for your students like never before.


About Mindy

Mindy is a 4th grade teacher, tech coach and PYP Workshop Leader. After bringing coding into her classroom at UNIS Hanoi, she discovered the tremendous learning opportunities that it created. She is passionate about fostering students creative and problem solving abilities and loves the doors that coding opens. She believes that coding should be integrated within the curriculum in order to enhance students learning.

Mindy helped found the annual Global Codeathon which is a virtual coding conference for elementary kids around the world.

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