Todd Norton & Ben Sheridan

Coaching for Transformational Learning

Instructional coaches often work with a diverse group of educators spanning many grade levels and areas of instruction. To be an effective coach, one must create an environment to facilitate transformational learning experiences. How does this happen? It starts with understanding your school’s organizational structure and where you fit within this structure. To aide in this, we will explore frameworks of leadership theory so we can better understand which tools, skills, and strategies we should focus on within our school environment.  We will discuss how to align individual professional passions and interest with that of your school’s organizational goals. We will discuss how building capacity for shared learning can help facilitate organizational learning and create a culture of openness. We will dive into the most important things about being a coach- spoiler alert, it’s not about the tools.  

Possible Outcomes
  • Apply ideas to your own organizational context for building a culture of sharing and collaboration
  • How best to utilize the four frame analysis when working with groups at your school
  • Discuss and share which tools best support coaching work with teachers
  • Learn to label everything an experiment; learn to fail fast and often

About Todd and Ben

Todd is a Middle School Tech Coach at Singapore American School. Todd’s teaching background includes teaching English and computers at the high school level. His passion for the arts led him to start the first Media Arts program in the state of Kentucky and he developed the curriculum for statewide adoption. Todd is also a PhD student at the University of Kentucky’s School Technology Leadership program, which gives him a unique set of skills to work with administrators incorporating digital learning into their schools. Todd is a Google Certified Innovator and works with schools implementing Google Apps for Education. He has helped develop a learning management system and spent two years working at an edtech start-up.

Ben Sheridan is a Digital Learning Coach at NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand. He has been teaching for 14 years most of which as been at international schools in Thailand, India, Cambodia, Korea, and Indonesia. He has worked as a classroom teacher, digital learning coach, technology coordinator, and instructional designer. Ben is passionate about using technology in schools to encourage students and teachers to work to collaboratively to apply learning in real world settings and to create cool stuff. He feels technology can be leveraged to enhance literacy, increase student motivation and engagement, and empower students to take control of their learning. Ben enjoys working with teachers from all subject areas.

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